This blog probably contains some self-questioning, crisis aversion (music or ramblings or artwork), drunken poetry, and places I'd like to be.

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{ as the day grows dim }

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It’s not a fad — it’s a lifestyle.

Avocado Toasts and Friends on Food52.

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Kinfolk Dinner 👫👪👭👬👪 #cometogether #kinfolk #kinfolklife #kinfolkstyle #kinfolkdinner #newtrend #backtobasic #cleaneating by heavens_display



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Red Arrows by (Christopher Maverick)

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Watching an ep of one of my favorite quiz shows, the info being given is that circa 1815 when doctors knew very little about comas & such and wanted to be more certain as to whether or not a person was dead (because there were something like 30 indicators that looked like death but it was a time…

I’m a known coward in a coward wind.


The Moon and Stars

28 images combined, each with a 15 second exposure. Taken around 8:30pm at Caspersen Beach, Florida. Stacked using Waguila’s star stacker program and the star spikes program for the diffraction effect. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


Tiny Humans Lost In The Majesty Of Nature

No matter how caught up we get in our stressful day-to-day lives, nature always gives us the perfect place to escape to. The great outdoors have a way of making you seem small and insignificant, and of putting all of your problems into perspective. With that in mind, here are some stunning photographs showing just how small we can seem when eclipsed by the powerful wonder of nature.

Here’s a quote from a poem by William Wordsworth that goes well with these photos; “To her fair works did Nature link//The human soul that through me ran;//And much it grieved my heart to think//What man has made of man.

1.British Columbia, Canada | Image credits: Lizzy Gadd

2.Mansfield, Victoria, Australia | Image credits: Alex Wise

3.  Arches National Park, Utah, USA | Image credits: Marsel Van Oosten

4. Moravia, Czech Republic | Image credits: Przemyslaw Kruk

5. Namib Desert | Image credits: Reinhard Gaemlich

6. Second largest tree in the world, California’s SequoiaNational Park | Image credits: Michael Nichols

7. Iceland | Image credits: Wim Denijs

8. Badlands in Death Valley National Park,California, USA | Image credits: Troy Montemayor

9. .Atnajökull Ice Cap, Iceland | Image credits: Orvar Atli

10.. Belarus | Image credits: Ivan Letochin

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Kacper Kowalski

Four Seasons

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